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© October 2003 Lorentz JÄNTSCHI

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This program for Bachelor Degree Management was created by Lorentz JÄNTSCHI with helps of no.29/2003 Examination Comitee members at Brasov Country in summer of 2003 year.
Please refer the following link for the modifying disabled interface of the program.
  1. Lorentz JÄNTSCHI, Mariana MARCU, Sorana BOLBOACA, SQL Application for Secondary School Leaving Examination, UNITECH'03 International Scientific Conference, November 21-22 2003, Gabrovo, Bulgaria, work published in volume I "ISC UNITECH'03 GABROVO Proceedings" (ISBN 954-683-167-0) at p. 258-262.
  2. Lorentz JÄNTSCHI, SQL by Example. 1. Application for High School Bachelor Examination, Leonardo Electronic Journal of Practices and Technologies, Vol. 2(2003), p. 20-36, ISSN 1583-1078.
  3. Knowledge Evaluation Issues, ZIP 1 and ZIP 2.
  4. Disciplines, PDF.
  5. Methodology, PDF.
  6. Final Results HTML page.